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a/an ability able about above absent accept
accident ache achieve across act action active
activity actor actress actual add address admire
admit adverb advice advise aeroplane airplane affair
afraid Africa African after afternoon afterwards again
against age ago agree agreeable agreement agricultural
ahead* aid aim air aircraft airport alike alive all allow almost alone* along aloud already also although altogether always amend America American among(st) amuse amusement ancient and anger angry animal announce another* answer ant anxious any anybody anyhow anyone anybody anything anyway anywhere apartment apologize appear appearance apple appoint appointment approve April Arabian area argue argument army around arrange arrival arrive art artist as* ashamed Asia Asian ask* asleep assist at atom August aunt Australia Australian author autumn avoid away awfully B baby back* backward bad badly bag ball* banana banner barely basic basketball bathroom battle be beard beautiful beauty because become bedroom bee beef beer before beg begin beginner beginning behind believe bell below beneath beside besides best* better between beyond bicycle big bike bird birth bit black blackboard blind* blood blue boat body bomb bone book boot born borrow bottle box boy brain brave bread break* breakfast breathe bridge bright bring Britain British broken brother brown build building burn* bury bus busy but* buy by C cake calm camel camera camp can* Canada Canadian cancer cap car careful carry* cat celebrate center central century certain certainly chair chairman change cheap chemical chemist chemistry chicken chiefly child chimney China Chinese choice choose Christmas cinema city classmate classroom clean clear* clever climate climb clock* cloth clothe clothes clothing cloud cloudy club coal coast coat cock coffee cold collect college color bomb come* comfort comfortable command communism compete complete computer comrade concert conclude congratulation connect consider continue control* conversation cool copper corn corner correct cost* cotton cough could country countryside courage court cover* cow crazy create crime criminal crisis crop crowd cruel cry cucumber culture cup cure customer cut* D dad daily damage dance danger* dangerous dark darling daughter dawn day daylight daytime dead deaf dear death debate December decent decide decision declare deep deepen deeply deer defeat defend defense degree demand department depend dependence dependent depth desire desk despair destroy dialog diamond diary dictionary diet differ difference different difficult difficulty dig diligent dinner direction directly director dirty disagree disappear disappoint disaster discover discovery discuss disease dish dislike dismiss distance distant* district disturb dive divide do* doctor dog* dollar donkey door* double* doubtful down downstairs downtown downward dozen drag dragon drama dream dress* drink drive driver drop* drum drunk dry duck dull during dusk dust dying E each* eager eagle ear early earn earth earthquake easily east eastern eastward easy eat editor(编辑) educate education egg eight eighteen eighth eighty either elder eldest elect elephant eleven eleventh else* elsewhere emperor empire empty enable encourage end* endanger ending enemy energy England English enjoy enough enter entire envelope equal error especially essay Europe European evening ever every everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere exact exactly exam*examination examine example excellent excite excitement exciting excuse exercise exhibit exhibition exist expect expensive experience experiment expert explain export expression extra extreme eye eyesight F face* factory fail failure fair fairly fall* false* familiar family famous far* farewell(再见) fax fear fearful February feed* feel* feeling fellow fellowship female festival fever few fifteen fifth fifty fight finally find* fine* finger finish fire* first fish fist fit five fix fixed flag flame flavor flood floor flow flower fluent fly fog fold follow* following fond food fool foolish foot football for forbid force* foreigner forest forever forget forgive form forth forty forward* four fourteen fox France free* freedom French fresh Friday friend friendly friendship frog from front frozen fruit full fun fund funny furniture further future G gain game garage garden gas gate gather general gentle gentleman gently German Germany get* giant girl glad glass global glory glow go* goat god gold golden golf good* goodbye goodnight goods gradual graduate grain grammar grammatical grand grandmother grasp grass gray great Greek green greet greeting ground group grow grown-up growth guard guess guest guide guilt guilty gun H habit hair haircut half hall hammer(锤子) hand* handle handsome handwriting happen happiness happy hard harden hardly* hardship harm harmful hat hate have* he head* headache health healthy hear hearing heart* heat heaven heavily heavy hello help* helpful hen her here* hero hers herself hesitate hi/hey hide* high highly hill him himself hire his history hit* hold* hole holiday home* homework honest honesty honey honor hope hopeful horse hospital host hot hotel hour house housewife how however huge human humorous hundred hunger* hungry hunt hurry* hurt husband I I ice ice-cream idea ideal idiom idle if ill illness imagination imaginative imagine importance important impossible impression improper improve improvement in inch include income increase increasingly indeed independent India Indian indoor indoors industrial industry influence information injure injury ink inland inner inside insist inspect instance instant instead interest interesting international interpreter into introduce introduction invention invite inward island it Italian J jacket jail January Japan Japanese jaw jazz jewel job jog join joke journey joy judge judgment July jump June K kick kid kill kind kindness king kingdom kiss kitchen knee kneel knife know knowledge L lady lake lamp land language large largely late later Latin laugh laughter law lawyer lazy lead* leadership leading leaf learn learning least leather lecture left leg less* lesson letter liberate liberty library life lifetime* lightly like likely likeness limit limited line* lion lip liquid list listen live* living living-room loan locate lock lonely long* look* loose loosely lose lot love lovely lover low luck lucky luggage lunch lung M machine madam main mainland mainly make* man management manager mankind manner many* map market marriage married marry master match mathematical mathematics may maybe me meal meantime meanwhile measurable measure meat medical meet meeting member membership memory mend message metal method middle might mile milk milky million mine ministry minute* miss missing mist mistake mister misunderstand model modern modernization modest modesty Monday monkey month monthly mood moon moral morning most* mostly mother mountain mouth movement movie MR Mrs. Ms. much muscle museum music musician must ]my N name narrow nation naught near nearby nearly necessary neck need needle Negro neighbor neighborhood neither* never new news newspaper next nice night nine ninety ninth no nobody noise noisy none nonetheless nonsense noon nor north northeast northern northward northwest nose not notebook nothing noun novel November now* nowadays nowhere numb number nurse O obey ocean o'clock October of off* offer office officer official often oh oil okay old on one* oneself* only onto onward open opening opinion or orange order* ordinary origin(起源,由来;出身,来历) original other* otherwise ought ounce our ours ourselves out* outdoor outdoors outer outermost outside outstanding outward over overcoat overhead overseas own* owner P page painful paint painter painting pair palace panda paper pardon parent park part* partly party pass* passenger past payment peace peaceful peanut peasant pen pencil penny people per percent perhaps period permit personal petrol phone photo/photograph phrase physical physically physicist physics piano picture piece pig pilot pioneer pity place* plain plan plane* play* player playground pleasant please pleasure plus PM/P.M./p.m. pocket poem poet poetry point* poison poisonous police policeman policy polite political politician politics pollute pollution poor population port possible possibly post postcard postman potato pound pour poverty powerful prefer prepare president pretend pretty prevent price priceless pride prince princess print prison prisoner privacy private prize probability probable problem produce product production professor profit progress promise pronoun pronunciation protect protest proud prove public publish pull* punish punishment pure purpose* purse pursue push put* Q quality quarrel quarterly(每季的;每季一次;季刊) queen question quick quiet quite quiz R race radio railroad/railway rain rapid rare rat read reader reading ready real reality realize really receive recent recite recognition recognize recorder recover red reduce reform region regret regular relationship relative relativity relax religion religious rely remain remember repair repeat reply report reporter republic republican research respect* respond response responsible rest restaurant result* return review revolution* revolutionary rice rich ride right risk river road* rob robber rocket role room rope rose rough round* rubber rubbish rude rule ruler run* Russian S sad safe* safety sail sailor salad salary sale salesman same sand satellite satisfaction satisfactory satisfy Saturday save scarcely scare science scientific scientist scold scream sea seaman seaport search seaside season seat second secondary second-hand secondly secret security see* seem seldom self selfish sell send* separate September serious servant seven several sew sex shake shall shame shameful share she sheep sheet shelf shine ship shipwreck(船舶失事,海难) shirt shock shoe shoot shop shopkeeper shopping shore short* shortage shortcoming shortly should shoulder shout

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2016年考博备考复习交流QQ群:184307274 2016考博复习交流群


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