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Xi Jinping delivers a report to the 19th CPC National Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Oct 18, 2017. [Photo/Xinhua]

1. 中国共产党人的初心和使命,就是为中国人民谋幸福,为中华民族谋复兴。
The original aspiration and the mission of Chinese Communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.

With decades of hard work, socialism with Chinese characteristics has crossed the threshold into a new era. This is a new historic juncture in China's development.

3. 近代以来久经磨难的中华民族迎来了从站起来、富起来到强起来的伟大飞跃,迎来了实现中华民族伟大复兴的光明前景。
The Chinese nation, which since modern times began has endured so much for so long, has achieved a tremendous transformation-it has stood up, grown rich, and become strong, and it now embraces the brilliant prospects of rejuvenation.

4. 新时代我国社会主要矛盾是人民日益增长的美好生活需要和不平衡不充分的发展之间的矛盾。
The principal contradiction in the new era is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life.

5. 中华民族伟大复兴,绝不是轻轻松松、敲锣打鼓就能实现的。
Achieving national rejuvenation will be no walk in the park, and it will take more than drum beating and gong clanging to get there.

6. 把人民对美好生活的向往作为奋斗目标,依靠人民创造历史伟业。
We must regard as our goal the people’s aspirations to live a better life, and rely on the people to move history forward.

7. 我们既要全面建成小康社会、实现第一个百年奋斗目标,又要乘势而上开启全面建设社会主义现代化国家新征程,向第二个百年奋斗目标进军。
Not only must we finish building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieve the first centenary goal; we must also build on this achievement to embark on a new journey toward the second centenary goal of fully building a modern socialist country.

8. 中华民族将以更加昂扬的姿态屹立于世界民族之林。
The Chinese nation will become a proud and active member of the community of nations.

9. 开放带来进步,封闭必然落后。中国开放的大门不会关闭,只会越开越大。
Openness brings progress, while self-seclusion leaves one behind. China will not close its door to the world, and it will only become more and more open.

10. 众人的事情由众人商量,是人民民主的真谛。
The essence of the people's democracy is that the people get to discuss their own affairs.

11. 必须始终把人民利益摆在至高无上的地位,让改革发展成果更多更公平惠及全体人民,朝着实现全体人民共同富裕不断迈进。
We must put the people’s interests above all else, see that the gains of reform and development benefit all our people in a fair way, and strive to achieve shared prosperity for everyone.

12. 坚持房子是用来住的、不是用来炒的定位,加快建立多主体供给、多渠道保障、租购并举的住房制度,让全体人民住有所居。
We must not forget that housing is for living in, not for speculation. With this in mind, we will move faster to put in place a housing system that ensures supply through multiple sources, provides housing support through multiple channels, and encourages both housing purchase and renting. This will make us better placed to meet the housing needs of all of our people.

13. 持续实施大气污染防治行动,打赢蓝天保卫战。
We will continue our campaign to prevent and control air pollution to make our skies blue again.

14. 我们的军队是人民军队,我们的国防是全民国防。
Our military is the people's military, and our national defense is the responsibility of every one of us.

15. 我们有坚定的意志、充分的信心、足够的能力挫败任何形式的“台独”分裂图谋。
We have the resolve, the confidence, and the ability to defeat separatist attempts for "Taiwan independence" in any form.

16. 人民群众反对什么、痛恨什么,我们就要坚决防范和纠正什么。
We must guard against and correct with resolve the practices the people oppose and resent.

17. 不管腐败分子逃到哪里,都要缉拿归案、绳之以法。
Wherever offenders may flee, they will be brought back and brought to justice.

18. 只要我们党把自身建设好、建设强,确保党始终同人民想在一起、干在一起,就一定能够引领承载着中国人民伟大梦想的航船破浪前进,胜利驶向光辉的彼岸!
As long as our Party keeps itself competent and strong, always remains true to the people’s aspiration and works in concert with the people, we can and will navigate the great ship bearing the great dream of the Chinese people to conquer the waves and reach our destination.

19. 中国梦是我们这一代的,更是青年一代的。
It is a dream of our generation, but even more so, a dream of the younger generations.


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